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Turkey Stuffing

Grandma's Rice Stuffing is my favorite for stuffing.

Jemila's Grape Leaf Stuffing Mix and Pine Nuts will be the talk of your holiday. The rice, mint, and basil in the Grape Leaf Stuffing Mix - combined with the pine nuts - cooked in your turkey is to die for. And it's so simple.

For a 12 pound Turkey, brown 2 pounds ground beef, add 2 packages Jemila Grape leaf mix and 1 cup water. Cook until water is gone. Once brown, add the pine nuts, stuff the turkey and bake. (More detailed instructions included)


Grape Leaves Mix (6 pack)
$16.00 / 6 pack


Grape Leaves Mix (12pack)
$31.50 / 12 pack


Pine Nuts 1/2 pound
$10.25 / 1/2 pound


Pine Nuts 1 pound
$20.50 / 1 pound

*Stuffed Zucchini in yogurt or tomato broth, Stuffed Peppers, Stuff a Chicken, or make the stuffing as a side dish.

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